Our auto leasing business is not like local traditional car leasing firms in the auto leasing industry. If you had the ability to choose a car from a broad range of brands instead of just one brand, wouldn’t you rather opt to lease a car with the company carrying more choices? Well, at Auto Lease Long Island City, our clients select to lease with us because we give them many options. Another attractive feature of our company is our exclusive online company platform. Our customers enjoy having the ability to lease their car without having to step foot out of their home.

The most important part of our business, and why we are so successful, is that we strongly emphasize integrity, and going beyond our customers’ expectations. If conducting business with a corporation that really values you as a customer and will be there to address your needs when you need assistance is what you want, then please call and speak with an expert to request information on our car leasing procedures.

Discounted Leasing Rates

One of the main reasons our customers like leasing from our establishment are the discounted auto leasing rates. We have reduced our car leasing rates to a portion of what our competition charges. The car leasing rates offered by Auto Lease Long Island City are much more reasonable. Along with our competitive car lease rates, we adjust every car lease payment strategy so is a good fit for each person.

If a business opts to run their transactions online, without utilizing a physical facility, it results in the elimination of several unnecessary overhead expenses. This is exactly the reason we redesigned our business to operate exclusively online. By eradicating these additional expenses from our plate, we can deliver exceptionally lower car leasing deals. To obtain more details, give us a call and let us know that you are interested in finding out about our discounted auto leasing rates. Call us at (516)-450-3215.

Early Lease Termination

Anyone who has ever leased a car from a traditional auto leasing service understands how it works when you terminate your car lease earlier than agreed upon. If not, basically when you return your vehicle earlier than the expiration date, then you are typically charged an early termination fee—no matter the situation.

However, when you lease an auto with our business and have to suddenly return it prior to your auto lease expiration date, we strive to be flexible and work with you instead of making what could be a bad situation worse.

It could be one of several reasons that a customer would like to return their automobile to our company sooner than scheduled. Maybe they would like to trade their current vehicle out for another vehicle or they quite possibly may not be able to keep up with their monthly auto lease payments. At any rate, our agents will work to assist our customers in the most optimal way possible by devising several choices that will make the situation less stressful.

Lease Return Policies

When you do business with Auto Lease Long Island City, we make sure to discuss our car lease return policies prior to letting you sign and have your automobile. As a part of our lease return policies, returned vehicles will be put through an inspection process to determine if it displays any excessive use or damage.

Most usage signs are normal, but excessive damage is not. At the conclusion of our inspection, we release you from the auto lease, and deliver a final bill. At this point, you can either purchase the vehicle or trade out for a new vehicle. If you would like additional information on our current car lease return policies, give us a call at (516)-450-3215.